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Monday - Thursday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm & Friday - Saturday: 5:00pm - 9:30pm


Poutine - Hand pressed pommel frites tossed with cheddar cheese curds, and smothered in rich homemade beef gravy.


Pittsford Potato Skins - 3 crispy potato skins loaded with NY sharp cheddar, thick cut bacon, and scallions.  Served with sour cream.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Baked creamy cheese sauce blended with spinach and tender artichokes, with fresh seasoned house kettle chips for dipping.  9
Buttermilk Chicken Bites – Juicy morsels of marinated tenders, battered and fried, served with sweet and sour sauce and homemade blue cheese dressing.  6.5
Herbed Zucchini & Feta Fritters – Light and crispy, served with a creamy cucumber yogurt sauce.  6.5

Artichokes French (3) – Braised egg battered artichokes in a lemon sherry cream sauce, with fresh Parmesan.

Seafare Cakes – Fresh, pan seared cakes, accompanied by a creamy chipotle carrot and cabbage slaw.  11
Wedge – Crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce, ladled with creamy house blue cheese dressing, blanketed with crispy bacon, blistered cherry tomatoes, and blue cheese crumbles.               10
H & M Cesar – Fresh romaine hearts, drizzled garlic Caesar dressing, topped with Parmesan crisp, house croutons, and fresh grated Parmesan.               10
Grill – Chopped romaine, tossed with fresh red peppers, blue cheese, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette, finished with grilled asparagus and crispy shoestring potatoes.  10

Harvest – Field greens with jet fresh watermelon, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and Parmesan, tossed in raspberry vinaigrette.


Warm Spinach – Fresh spinach combined with mushrooms, red onion, and warm bacon vinaigrette, garnish with a poached egg.


Beef Tenderloin Tips 4

Atlantic Salmon Filet 4

Grilled Chicken       3

Grilled Chicken BLT – Marinated grilled chicken, topped with crisp bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, 1000 Island dressing, lite Cajun mayo, between tossed flatbread.10

Meatloaf Melt – Tender and juicy homemade meatloaf, with sautéed mushrooms, melted Swiss, on griddled white bread and served with beef gravy.

Grilled Ribeye – Well marbled grilled beef ribeye, topped with caramelized peppers and onions, Monterey Jack cheese, horseradish cream, on a freshly baked French roll.  11
Hicks’ Tuscan Chicken – Marinated grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh artichokes, provolone, pesto aioli, on toasted herbed focaccia.               11
Grilled Portobello & Avo Fresco – Marinated mushrooms, avocado, crispy fried onions, tomato, field greens, fresh melted cheese curd, dill aioli, between toasted focaccia.               10
Breaded Tilapia – Pan seared Parmesan and Panko encrusted tilapia, grilled avocado, tomato, and a chipotle carrot cabbage slaw, on toasted brioche bun.            11
Gourmet Ham & Cheese – Griddled ham steak, crispy bacon, American, Swiss, New York cheddar, honey mustard, on a toasted French roll. 9
Pittsford Ground Round – Griddled 8 oz. steak-burger patty, lettuce, tomato, on a toasted bun.               11
Hicks’ Bistro Burger – Grilled 8 oz. steak-burger, NY sharp cheddar, BBQ bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion aioli, on a toasted bun. 12
Truffle Mushroom & Muenster Burger – Grilled 8 oz. steak-burger topped with grilled portobellos, green onions, field greens, muenster, Dijon and dill cream friache, on a toasted brioche bun. 13
Bacon Bleu Burger – Grilled 8 oz. steak-burger with thick hand cut bacon, melted bleu cheese crumbles, iceberg lettuce, tomato, chipotle bleu cheese dressing, between a fresh toasted French roll.               13
Carpet Bagger – Grilled 8 oz. steak-burger, bacon, American cheese, topped with a poached egg, on a homemade buttermilk biscuits.  11
Lentil Burger – Griddled homemade lentil patty, sweet roasted red peppers, field greens, provolone, dill aioli, on a toasted wheat roll.  10
McCarthy White Hot – Local pork white hot, sweet cucumber relish, Dijon mustard on a toasted brioche bun. 8
Meatloaf & Smashed Potato – A hearty portion of homestyle charbroiled meatloaf, atop garlic smashed potatoes, rich beef gravy, crispy shoestring onions.  12
Shepherd’s Pie – Fresh ground lamb and sirloin blended with sautéed mix vegetables and topped with crispy smashed potato.               10
London Broil – Charred beef tenderloin (carved medium rare), accompanied with a mushroom, pepper and blue cheese ragout.  Served with a side of crunchy sweet potato tots.  16
Beef Short Rib Stroganoff – Braised fork tender beef short ribs, with hearty Gemelli pasta, tossed in a creamy mixed mushroom pan sauce.               20
Grilled Pork Ribeye – Sweet and sour bacon maple glazed pork ribeye, with mixed roasted farmers potatoes, and crumbly blue cheese.  15
Pulled Chicken ‘N Biscuits – Tender shredded chicken breast piled high on a homemade buttermilk biscuit and smothered in vegetable pan gravy.               12
Buttermilk Fried Chicken ‘N Waffles – A southern tradition of flavorful battered fried chicken, served with a Belgian waffle, accompanied by a sweet and sour maple syrup.               13
Airline Chicken French – Braised egg battered organic chicken breast, with sautéed garlic spinach, fresh linguine tossed in a lemon Sherry butter sauce.  16
Truffled Airline Chicken Marsala – Pan seared skin on organic chicken breast, with wild rice, broccoli, and a mushroom pan sauce.  17
Grilled Chipotle BBQ Ahi Tuna – Glazed tuna steak, with sautéed bacon and spinach, over a sweet corn Johnny cake.  18
Seared Mandarin Ginger Glazed Salmon – Flambéed Atlantic salmon, over flash seared vegetables and wild rice.  17
Fish ‘N Chips – Fresh fillet of tilapia, served with salt and vinegar pomme frites, coleslaw and tartar sauce. (Choice of battered, breaded, or broiled)  11

Macaroni & Cheese – Hearty Gemelli pasta, tossed with our creamy homemade three cheese sauce (Muenster, New York sharp cheddar, mild cheddar).


Chicken (Grilled or Fried)

Thick Cut Cube Bacon





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